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If you’re wondering why I’m so sad to be getting off trail for a bit, this is why. See ya soon, friends. #pct #pctclassof2022 ...

The latest installment from “live updates from the trail”, and unfortunately the saddest.

I will be getting off trail for awhile. While urgent care did not see a fracture, there is significant muscle, tendon and tissue inflammation that requires serious rest. Instead of trying to push through a section that has limited bail out points and technical terrain, I am going to give my body the rest it needs to recover to prevent significant harm in the future.

I hope to get back on trail in July when my bubble will be hitting Oregon.

I love you all SO much and am so sorry to let you all down like this. As disappointed as you are, know I am 100x more heartbroken to literally see the Sierra and have to turn around.

(Also this feels like those dramatic YouTuber apology videos and I hate it)

A little video from the last ~200ish miles on the trail! I try to capture a bit of the magic, but it’s tough! #pct #pct2022 #pctclassof2022 #thruhike ...