It Begins

8 days from now, my journey begins. A journey founded not on a concrete idea, but on a floundering of sorts.

2017 was a year of extremes, often bringing me both in the same day. I was sent to my lowest point, but also ascended to my highest point, literally, at the top of Gray’s and Torrey’s Peaks in the Rockies of Colorado (14,270 feet and 14,275 feet, respectively).

It was in this mess of a year that I decided to be bold going forward. To do what I have been called to do for years, but have pushed down in a compactor of bills, “adulting”, expectations, and fear. To leave behind the comfort of the same bed night after night, the same jobs day after day, the same familiar faces greeting me.
It may seem ironic, like a man rescued from drowning living out the rest of his days on a boat far at sea. That after flailing for a year, seemingly hopelessly, without direction, I choose to leave behind the stability I have created for myself and instead seek out the chaos. I will try to explain my motivations in the coming months, as I prepare for my departure from everything I have ever known.

But for now, the first chapter of my adventure starts in 8 days. I will be traveling to remote Guatemala for 13 days, generously supported by my friends, family, loved ones and strangers alike. For that, I am extremely grateful.

Follow along as I begin my search for the top of the world, with my legs hanging free.


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