Hiking the Washington PCT Section K: Days 5-11

(For the remaining days in this series, I am simply going to post my favorite pictures from each day. They will speak for themselves)

Day 5

White chuck River to Mica Lake

16 miles

Day 6

Mica Lake to Dolly Vista

8 miles

Day 7

Dolly Vista to Image Lake Trailhead

12 miles

Day 8

Image Lake Trailhead to (just before) Hart Lake

Roughly 10-12 miles

Day 9

(Just before) Hart Lake to Holden Village to Stehekin to High Bridge

4 miles hiking

Day 10

High Bridge to Six Mile Camp

12 miles

Day 11

Six Mile Camp to Rainy Pass

6 miles

Thank you to everyone that followed our journey, before, during and after. Without our loved ones, we never could have done this. THANK YOU.

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