Lists had been made, maps endlessly scrutinized, blogs and books pored over and meticulously read. In the end, it came down to 4 bags.

Our lives for the next five months organized and laid out, stuffed into every nook and cranny, checked and rechecked until it felt sufficient.

2 bags for each of us, one 65L backpacking bag and a 45L duffel for me, a 65L pack and even smaller daypack for Taylor. It was incredible that we could essentially fit our lives into two bags, the necessary and the unnecessary quite literally displayed in front of us.

It was a little tricky, since after Nepal, we should only be in warm and temperate climates, rendering our down puffies and warm fleece hats just extra weight. But with our checked bags only weighing in at 25 pounds, we had quite a bit of wiggle room.

I cried like a baby at the airport, not knowing what we were getting ourselves into, nor what we will come back to in the States. But Taylor and I quickly agreed that we are incredibly lucky to love our home so much that we will miss it to this extent. And for that, we are so grateful to be in this position.

Our itinerary for the next 36 hours:

Seattle->San Francisco

San Francisco->Guangzhou, China

China->Kathmandu, Nepal

We are scheduled to get into Kathmandu at 11:05am local time on Saturday, which is almost 13 hours ahead of Seattle. Get ready for very early and very late phone calls, friends and family!

We plan to stay up all day on Saturday to offset some of the jet lag, and then get some very much needed rest before seeing more of the big city sights. Then it’s a small (dangerous) plane ride up to Lukla at 10,000 feet and the start of our trekking adventure!

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Next time we talk, it will be in Nepal!

Goodbye for now,

K and T

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  1. I am so impressed u could narrow it down to two bags each and light weight. Way to go! I can appreciate your sentiment when crying at the airport. Just know I amd many of us are with u along the way giving nothing but love and support and if u ever need anything we are a phone call/email/text/blog post away. Enjoy the first part of this journey together and Revel in the excitement of starting a new chapter. Muah -troy

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